October 2016 Update

I am currently still arranging meetings with potential donors to meet my goal of leaving for Nicaragua by the end of the summer in 2017. I am also half way through an online class that is provided to ITeams workers. This class is about Interpersonal Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking. My cohort that I am taking the course with are located in Latin America countries, so I have been learning about how their culture relates to our course’s content before I get down there, which has been helpful.

I will write my next update after my vision trip which starts October 21 and ends October 31. My vision trip was originally scheduled to be this summer to align with the high school interns, but due to Zika Virus affecting three full-time team members, the internships and my vision trip were canceled. Everyone has gotten better and no new cases have emerged, so my vision trip was scheduled for a time when everyone would be back in Masatepe.

ITeams’ vision trips are scheduled so that the applicant can visit a country to discern if that is where God is calling them to be. Vision trips can be either before or after ITeams’ orientation week. I have Skyped with the team leader, Brandon and have been in email communication with the team in Masatepe. I am excited to meet with them in person. I will be sure to learn some ministry stories and take pictures while I am there to share with you in next month.

If you want some insight to what ITeams is doing in Nicaragua before my November here is ITeams’ page on Masatepe Nicaragua here: https://www.iteams.us/work/where/nicaragua-masatepe

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