My Books to Read Before Joining ITeams Nicaragua

Due to the holiday season and finals, my searches for new donors has stopped, but this gave me time to finalize my PowerPoint presentation/guide and time to start on the recommended book guide that ITeams Nicaragua gave me.


Of these nine books, I need to six. They gave me the option to just read one of these: Hole in the Gospel by Richard Stearns, Crazy Love by Chan, or Radical by Platt for spiritual development. I chose Radical by David Platt.

Out of Poverty by Paul Polak, If Jesus were Mayor by Bob Moffitt, and Helping without Hurting in Short-Term Missions by Steve Corbett and Brian Kikkert were selected to help me learn more about Integrative Community Transformation (ICT).

For personal development, The Intorvert Advantage by Marty Olsen Laney and Quiet by Susan Cain were selected. To learn more about the history and people of Nicaragua, Blood of Brothers by Stephen Kinzer was selected.

I have finished Blood of Brothers and Helping Without Hurting. I am currently reading Radical, as well as learning QuickBooks (accounting software program for small businesses).

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