How to Create an Account with ITeams to Track Your Giving

There is an easy way to track your donations. Just follow these six images and the instructions above each of them. This post is best viewed on a computer and can also be viewed on tablets, the preview for phones were okay, but hard to see the images for guidance.

First go to and click on Access Your ITeams Profile (highlighted in yellow below).

give iteams 1

Second, this window below will open click on Create Account.give iteams 1

Third, a Register New Account form appears. Fill this out and click submit. You will be notified of a confirmation link has been sent to your email address.

give iteams 4

give iteams 3

Next, go back to the ITeams profile login screen and login with the account you just created.

give iteams 1

After logging in, click on My Profile and then click on “Link your Profile to your giving records.”

give iteams 5

Once they are linked, you can click on “View and print your giving history” for your donations given by year. This list is printable and includes ITeams’ commitment statement to donors.


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