April 2017 Update

I apologize for the couple month pause between updates. Thank you so much for supporting me through this time of fundraising. Below is an update of my finances, then a reminder of my role with ITeams Masatepe.

My one-time setup costs are now covered (100% funded). Any more occasional or one-time gifts will now be adapted to my ministry’s monthly needs budget.

My monthly-needs budget is 22% funded. My ministry account has $510/month. It needs $2256/month over a period of two years. Once this account is covered, I can join the team in Masatepe. I am hoping to have it funded in August 2017.

I am asking for references to contact. If you know of anyone who is wanting to find a tax-deductible non-profit, I would be happy to talk to them. All donations to my ITeams account is helpful. If 175 more people can give $10/month for two years my ministry with ITeams Masatepe will be full.

ITeams Masatepe is one of the fastest growing Business as Ministry teams of International Teams. God is leading this team, but the growth is a little hard for the team to manage. Last month ITeams Masatepe grew from six American members to twelve American members. My role will be to help the accountant with the accounting for each of the 6 businesses. My other two roles will be to be a liaison between the Chamber of Commerce and ITeams Masatepe and to be a liaison between two local partners. Being a liaison between the Chamber of Commerce and ITeams Masatepe means to communicate why a group of gringos have come in and started creating businesses in their town. There is a message of hope, the American team members are temporary, but the businesses are permanent. we are building sustainable businesses that will stick around after the American team members leave. Being a liaison between two local partners is to create a new ministry that benefits the community. A current example is what Claire, a member of ITeams Masatepe created. Claire partnered ICIDRI, a local tree research farm, with the local public schools. Claire and ICIDRI create a lesson plan that teaches something about beautifying Masatepe. Two examples are, teaching how to plant and take care of a garden at the schools or why they should put trash in a bin instead of throwing it on the ground.

In speaking with the team members of Masatepe, the spiritual care team in Elgin, IL, and my fundraising coach, I have felt a stronger calling to Masatepe and to my role with my team. I am needed in Masatepe and that is clearer now. I am not sure what will happen in the two years that I am serving abroad. I will give my input in this transitioning phase, but my heart is with the team and community in Masatepe and I want to be with them as soon as I can.

I will try to be more faithful in monthly updates before I am in Masatepe. Once abroad, there will be monthly updates here.

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