July 2017 Update

Day 1 video call access 2017 (2)
ITeams July 2017 ACCESS Training. Integrative Community Transformation talk with Brandon and Hannah Weidman from ITeams Nicaragua via video call.

Last Month Update:

In June, I started to practice my Spanish with one of the Nicaraguans on staff through Skype. I am coming up with questions about the culture and language and he is teaching me the Spanish to use in those instances. It is great to be able to get a head start in this practice with a language partner, before moving to Masatepe.

Late June, I met with Newberg Kiwanis Club. They were honored to have me speak about my ministry, because my grandfather, Millard Leslie, was a respected member of Newberg Kiwanis. Newberg’s City Manager was in attendence, and he asked for me to speak with the President/CEO of the Chehalem Chamber of Commerce, since I will be a liaison between ITeams and the Masatepe Chamber of Commerce during my second year of service with ITeams Nicaragua. I learned that she would be at the Newberg Rotary Club meeting I would be presenting in early July. I also received a one-time gift from Newberg Rotary, which I would be presenting to in July.

Current Month Update:

July 5, Newberg Rotary invited me to present to them my ministry. After the presentation, I met with the CEO/President of the Chehalem Chamber of Commerce. I was not able to answer all of her questions about the specifics of how ITeams Nicaragua is wanting to grow the Masatepe Chameber of Commerce, so I connected her with the director of the team right away. Please pray that God can use this connection to help the Masatepe Chamber of Commerce to grow more members.

I am currently at ACCESS training with ITeams at their US headquarters in Elgin, IL. This week’s ACCESS training is about  learning ITeams’ mission, values, and vision, how to effectively work in teams, conflict management, a more in-depth look into Integrative Community Transformation (ICT), security training, and more topics to come in week two.

Support Update:

The Faith Promise (Monthly Needs) account is at 57% funded. It is needing $956/month more in order for me to go to Masatepe, Nicaragua. It is exciting to be approaching 60%. I started this support gathering phase in November, after my week long vision trip with the team in late October. I am looking to be in Masatepe before October (within 12 months of my vision trip).

Andy Comfort

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