August 2017 Update

August Update:

Thank you for your continued prayers and support thus far in my journey to be in Nicaragua for two years. On August 20, I spoke to West Chehalem Friends Church, I received a lot of good words and prayer support from the congregation.

My account just passed 70% funded! The account is needing $630 per month more of support which is $15,288 in one-time gifts. One-time gifts are transferred to into my monthly needs budget by dividing each gift by 24. If you have any references, anyone looking to support an international worker, a missionary, someone who is working with a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a tax deductible incentive, email me at, I would be happy to meet with them.

As of Monday August 28, I became a business ambassador for Beto’s while I am still in Oregon. I am uploading coffee shops and boutiques around Portland, OR into a database for Beto’s to contact. Beto’s would become a supplier to them. Beto’s offers their coffee and upcycled products. I will also be contacting 10 coffee shops and boutiques in Newberg. If you know of any shop that may be interested in selling coffee from Beto’s or upcycled products made from the canvas bags that the coffee is transported to Beto’s in, coffee wood, and leather, feel free to contact me at Products include mugs, purses, pillows, wallets, coffee wood coasters,  shoes, and more. My ITeams account would receive a 10% commission from the orders of the shops that agree to buy from Beto’s.

Another role as a business ambassador for Beto’s is to have parties where I would have a few samples and share the mission of Beto’s,There would be a order form that the guests could fill out at the party, this single order (of everyone’s individual orders) would allow for lower shipping costs than each guest going to Betos.orgindividually. The host/hostess would receive 10% of the sales from the party, I would also receive a percentage of the sales from these events. I have a few people I have in mind and I will be contacting them soon. ITeams Masatepe is asking for a two-weeks notice before the party to allow for the shipping of samples and marketing materials and to let the host/hostess have time to prepare. I am needing to get a message back to Betos’ by this upcoming Monday, September 4, about the thoughts of those I reach out to. If you would be interested in being a host of one of these parties or attending one, email me at acomfort11@georgefox,edu.

I really want to be in Masatepe and helping the team in person in Nicaragua as soon as I am able and the team is wanting me there too. This ambassador program that they are starting is great, because I am able to help out Beto’s as well as businesses here in Oregon, while I am continuing to seek out and meet with potential donors.

I am wishing to be fully supported in October. Halloween marks one year since the time I went on my vision trip and first met the team in person.

Andy Comfort.

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