March 2018 Update

The month of March has gone by quick. I am approaching my first 90 days in Nicaragua, so I will be going to Managua to renew my visa and start on the residency process.
unnamed (4)
Last week I moved into the apartment where the first two year commitment employee lived. Some One Collective Nicaragua helped me paint the house. The bedroom that will be the hosting room for short term teams was originally pink, it is now a cream color. The outdoor but still inside area is a brighter blue and we painted the dark red in the front of the house to cream as well. The house is a lot brighter now and less busy than it was. Still needing to place the furniture back to where it belongs before the next short term team arrives at the end of May.

We can feel that God is working through our ministry teams (comprised of both Americans and Nicaraguans), but we are all in different stages. Some have planned events and led them (the mission trip team goes out about once a month) and others are still planning (the team that I’m in is developing a life skills plan to start with 12-13 year-olds and teach them a class a week for five years and continue to mentor them for another five years, we are hoping to start in September or October with our plan.
My host family asked me to have lunch with them sometimes, so I am having lunch with them three times a week.

The One Egg Program fundraiser was successful, with $25,233 raised as of this posting. Over 60% of funding came from one of our Empowerment Team churches, their team was here in February.

Thank you for your prayers and support,


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