August 2018 Update

Dear supporters, family, and friends,

I have had a great month working with Rockwood Community Development Center through One Collective Rockwood. I started with them on July 12, where I attended two meetings; their weekly update meeting and a phone call with their lawyer finalizing an investment fund in order to create an incentive to investors to invest in Rockwood and other Opportunity Zones in Oregon (Opportunity Zones were created nationwide by the government this past December as an incentive for investors to invest in communities to lessen their capital gains tax).

After finishing the first meeting I was gifted a ticket to attend a local hosting of the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit which was August 8 & 9. It is a really powerful tool in learning new things about leadership, I especially liked it because it is a leadership conference centered on Christianity.

Rockwood Community Development Center (Rockwood CDC):

We are now working on creating Oregon’s first Opportunity Zone Conference to be held September 14. This conference is for investors to learn of new opportunities to invest in ways that benefit not just the investors but the community they invest in. It is awesome to see a project come together from its start and see it grow into its potential.

Global Leadership Summit ’18:  A website that narrowed down to the 50 best quotes from this year is and links to summaries of each speaker is here:

The Global Leadership Summit opened by saying that the attendees were beginning two full days of drinking from an information fire hydrant. It was very true. I don’t think I will put the summaries of each talk/day here, but may add them to this blog.

My main takeaway from Global Leadership Summit:

There were a lot of common themes, but two ideas, that I linked into one, stood out to me:
There are no failures, only learnings and opportunities.

Taking this and applying it to the past six years shows how God helped me to get where I am. At GFU I used my music classes as my foreign language credit and I was afraid to live by myself in Costa Rica to attend language school before joining the team in Masatepe. If I went to language school in Costa Rica, I would have still been there when the protests started and One Collective called a mandatory evacuation. Now I have the opportunity to take Spanish 301 this Fall at GFU and be working with the Rockwood CDC this Fall too, all the while feeling inspired waiting for our okay to return to Masatepe, Nicaragua.

Thank you for your support,

Andy Comfort

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