June 15 2018 Update

Personal Update:

I have been back in the USA for 40 days. I am beginning to feel settled and I will be begin to go back to a monthly update schedule.

Right now I am working for One Collective Rockwood volunteering at the Rockwood Community Development Center. I have not started to really start yet, I have only been working there for two weeks and just a few hours.

This fall, I will be starting in a Spanish course at George Fox University. Either 201 or 301, still deciding. I tested into the 300 level course.

In a recent speech, the Nicaraguan president, Daniel Ortega, said that he cannot hold early elections. On June 9, when I voluntarily relocated to the US, I was hoping to return in 1-3 months. A week after returning One Collective called a mandatory evacuation. The early elections would have been held in March 2019. This is allowing me to pursue and discern a few different options within One Collective.

My parents and I were planning a three week vacation in late December and January. I would not do anything new until January.

The mobilizer for One Collective is looking into if I could help out any teams, and if language school in Costa Rica would be a good option while waiting to return to Nicaragua.

Right now, I am unsure on what I am doing beyond December. The above is just a few things to be discerning, nothing set yet.

American Team Update:

Right now everyone is spread out through the USA and in different state of minds. We are planning on a Fall get together for a few days. Some of us have plans moving forward, others are still trying to land and move forward.

Please be praying for us as we are in different mental and physical states.

Nicaragua Situation Update:

In the past week CBS, NBC, npr, and BBC have been releasing news stories on events from this past weekend and week in Nicaragua. International NGOs and local NGOs count between 280 and 350 have been killed. The Nicaraguan government is only counting around 50 that have been killed since April 18, 2018. Al Jazeera still has had the most coverage of the international news agencies having a story at least once a week.

Bishops have been mediators throughout the situation. Last week they were trying to keep a situation peaceful by inserting themselves between pro-government crowd and anti-current-government crowd.

This week Nicaraguan congress made laws under the direction of President Ortega to create sentences for terrorists. Also this week, international organizations and countries have expressed their views of President Ortega and the current situation. President Ortega’s current view of the situation is that there are terrorist organisations that infiltrated Nicaragua to cause unrest.

Please Continue to pray that everything will end peacefully.

Thank you for your prayers and support,

Andy Comfort

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