Notes from Global Leadership Summit ’18 Craig Groeschel

Most speakers had at least one book that they had written that they were promoting. Craig Groeschel opened the conference. His book is Hope in the Dark: Believing God is Good When Life is Not. He opened by saying that the seven sessions would be like trying to drink out of a fire hydrant. In other words, a lot of information over a short period of time was going to come at the audience.

Key takeaways:

Leaders does not necessarily mean being in charge. Leadership is influence. Leaders have both trust and influence.

Leaders do better when they have both Leadership and Emotional Intelligence. Leadership: Where are you taking me? Emotional intelligence: How are you treating me?

Followers need/like to feel valued, inspired (I notice you), empowered (you matter).

Leaders need 4 things:

  1. A heart to care: Appreciate more than you think you should, then double it while appreciating someone. Craig fistbumps his church office staff who work a full day on Fridays (their optional full day).
  2.  Passion to inspire: passion and inspiration lead to create obsession (to get others to get behind you in your vision and mission)
  3. Willingness to empower: If you do not trust your team, either you are too controlling or have the wrong people in your team.
  4. Courage to be real and vulnerable: People would rather have a leader who is real than one who is always right.

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