Notes from Global Leadership Summit ’18 Danielle Strickland

Danielle Strickland book “The Ultimate Exodus, finding freedom from what enslaves you”

Social change: have faith being able to believe in better future and understand oppresion

1 Believe it is possible

2 Don’t be afraid – Fear is currency of oppression

3 Start now and start with yourself

4 Never, ever give up

Strickland works internationally for creating justice for oppressed peoples. Her book focuses on the story of Exodus, because of a recent insight she missed for several years. She knew the Israelites were afraid of Pharaoh, but had missed the opening of Exodus where the Bible says that Pharaoh was oppressing the Israelites, because he feared them.

Fear based actions and reactions cause people to be either  the oppressed or the oppressors. Do not live with fear. Listen, Learn, Live.

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