Notes from Global Leadership Summit ’18 Interview with Elaine Lin Hering and Danny Meyer

Danny Meyer’s book “Setting the Table”

Hospitality comes from asking the question, “Did we do our job right?” -Was the correct food at the table, was the food the correct temperature, etc…

Everyone knows the saying, “The customer is always right.” But it is not about being right or wrong, it is about having the customer being heard.

5 A’s of mistake making

be Aware of mistake

Acknowledge the mistake


Act on it

Apply additional generosity

We often skip 1-2, sometimes 3. But we all need all of the steps.

How do we scale our company’s culture – McDonald’s would ask the question “How do we scale the same flavor into every burger, regardless of location of store?”

6 emotional skills:

1 Kindhearted, optimistic, kind eyes

2 Curiosity

3 Work ethic

4 Empathy

5 Self awareness

6 integrity

High Emotional Intelligence (High EQ) someone whose work brings more gratitude to others than their self.

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