Notes from Global Leadership Summit ’18 Juliet Funt

Juliet Funk was last year’s highest rated speaker, due to a last minute cancellation, she had 48 hours to prepare for the summit. She decided to give a part 2 of last years talk about helping your workspace be productive.

Casualness leads one to being complacent. If you see a problem being a norm in the industry or not a big deal, the problem does not go away and can slow things down.

Why problems stay: 3 C’s – Conformity (everyone waits for first person to change), Compliance (being okay with current situation, thinking there isn’t a problem), Control (needing to control environment).

WhiteSpace 50/50 rule “Something that bothers you is 50% your fault, until you ask for something to change it.”

Business Communications:

2d communications: yes and no questions

3d communications: facts & decisions

Different types of communications should use different forms of communications. 2d can use email or phone, 3d should be in person and scheduled, may be informing details or schedule can be in email, but not full conversation/meeting.

Everyone should have a yellow list to write down things for people as they think of them, instead of sending an email as soon as thinking of something. Once there is enough space on a page, it could warrant an email. If everyone would follow this, we could have very empty email inboxes.

Have a second tier person delegate some things or be delegated things to. Builds people up to be first tier.

* “Legacy is not yet written, but you have the pen.” *

21 ways to say no or refuse things –

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