Notes from Global Leadership Summit ’18 David Livermore, Ph.D.

Book “Driven by Difference: How great companies fuel innovation through diversity.”

Cultural Intelligence/Quotient (CQ) – capability to work with and relate to other cultures

The #1 reason one has a high CQ is that they have a lot of curiosity.

Four components of CQ – CQ Drive, CQ Knowledge, CQ Strategy, CQ Plan

CQ Drive – exercise perspective taking. To what degree can I explain the situation in their perspective

CQ Knowledge – knowing how cultures and differences convene a diverse group of cultures and ask them to explain what they heard

CQ Strategy – How to apply Drive and Strategy. Sketch a plan for communicating to unfamiliar culture

CQ Plan – how much/little needs adapting? is it tight or loose culture? will adapting compromise the organization or me? will retaining the difference make us stronger?

Fully adapting may hurt or undermine the organization: Starbucks’ first move into China market. They knew Chinese were not that into coffee, so they opened their first store to appear identical to local tea shops. Chinese customers were upset, because the shops were not the same experience as they were when they visited USA Starbucks.

The big takeaway was his personal story relating to the fact that everyone is capable to changing their CQ. He read a journal about a young American’s first international trip. The student was very closed minded to the people and culture of this other country. Since he was from the USA, he was better than everyone there and everyone he met in that country was better, because an American was meeting them. The author of this journal ended up being the speaker who now is an expert in the field of understanding and relating to other cultures. Anyone can change.

The CQ Assessment free one-time access to take 15-20 minute assessment.

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