How to Support Me and About Me


I am currently seeking donors to support me, as I seek to be a part of International Teams in Masatepe, Nicaragua, full-time for two years.

Another helpful way to help support my ministry is to ask your place of work if they match donations.

Please take a minute to follow the link below to their website, which will automatically take you to a page with my information already filled in.

You can use this link:

To easily track your giving during the year, create a profile with ITeams. I wrote a step by step process for this on the blog here: How to create ITeams Account to track giving

About me

My name is Andy Comfort. I have lived in Newberg, Oregon all of my life.

Growing up, I heard stories from my grandparents, my great uncle, and my uncle about their times as missionaries. I did not expect to be following their legacy of being a missionary. My grandparents went to Bolivia to teach better farming techniques as well as teaching the Bible. These turned into sustainable forms of mission. My grandparents were able to leave Bolivia with the practices that they taught continuing without their guidance. Their community was not dependent on my grandparents.

While in high school, I had an urge to find ways for missionaries to be financially independent. I decided I would learn how to be a business consultant for missionaries. This is why I chose Global Business as a major and International Studies and Economics as minors at George Fox University.

Through this journey, I spoke with a few missionaries who also wanted this, but they also emphasized the importance of having financial support groups. Some people are called to missions, but do not have the ability to go so, those that can and do go, give the opportunity to be an important part of a team to those that cannot.

I also realized that deciding to do work in the missions field was a big step and that I could not do it alone, much like the GFU business department’s group projects,  I needed to find a team. During the Missions Fair during March of 2016, I found one: International Teams.

How I met International Teams

I met a couple this past March from International Teams. Specifically, I met a couple in the process of fundraising  their way to serve in Masatepe, Nicaragua. From this couple, I learned that International Teams believes in responding a person’s whole needs: Food, Freedom, Forgiveness, instead of only responding to one of these three needs, which is what a lot of other ministries do.

The Nicaragua team leaders  asked the community in Masatepe what they wanted, and their response was a coffee shop. About three years later, it is now a small restaurant and in addition, they helped develop a chamber of commerce for Masatepe, they have an online page offering local crafts to the US, have a chicken farm that is donating 10% of the eggs so that each preschooler can have an egg a day, and a future project is the creation of a drug and alcohol rehab center. The team leader’s goal is to one day be able to walk away and have everything run smooth and stable under Nicaraguan workers.

ITeams has shown me that financial independence can also be done on the service side, not just the missionary side; to help not create a dependence on the workers from the US. This is an opportunity to continue my family’s legacy of serving abroad.